Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer '12

So it's been a couple of months, and needless to say we had a busy summer. One of the highlights of our summer was the incredible success of Olivia's softball team, the Honey Badgers. What started out as a normal rec season, later became an unbelievable success story through tournament play. We had several girls who had never played, and just seeing their progression throughout the year was amazing. They were TN ASA State Champs and their record ended up being- 34-3.

A summer in the Rector house would not be complete without a couple of weeks of Camp All Star. Here is Anna with her friend Paige and favorite counselor, Lauren.  

Zachary had a great time attending one of the most sought out basketball camps in the US, the Duke Basketball Camp with Coach K. His friends Colin & Zach went with him, and Colin's dad Hal drove them up. They also got to go to several colleges along the way- UNC Ashville & Wake Forest. They had an awesome experience and Coach K was awesome. Here is Z playing a shirts vs skins game inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.
And so proud of Jared in graduating 5th grade at his school and getting the Sam P. McConnell award for leadership/academic achievement. Very proud!!!

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Candice said...

They grow up so quickly don't they? Looks like your kiddos had a fun summer!